Klaus Peter Schreiner is an experienced international improv teacher who works mainly in Munich, but also in other parts of Germany and sometimes in England and Austria.

He has studied under international masters like Keith Johnstone, with whom he has collaborated as a workshop interpreter in Germany.

Klaus is fascinated by the magic of human interaction both on and off the stage and the process of creating stories, both of which he continues to explore in his workshops emphasising fun, creativity and encouragement. 

"Klaus' warm and supportive workshops bring out the best in any improviser. His skills and experience will add invaluable ammunition to your improv arsenal."
Nick Tyler, MissImp Improv Comedy Nottingham

"Klaus' encouraging approach makes you aware of your weaknesses and helps you to overcome them."
Stefan Fuchs, improv group "12 vor Fuchs" Vienna

English Improvisation Theatre in Munich
The following groups and people in Munich are loosely connected and commit themselves to improvisation theatre in English:

“Bake This” - English speaking improv troupe, weekly sessions
Internet: www.bakethis.de

“Impro Intro" - platform for workshops in English
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Impro.Intro/
Internet: http://impro-intro.blogspot.de/

“Klaus Peter Schreiner” - improv teacher, public and private workshops in English
Internet: www.klauspeterschreiner.com