Klaus Peter Schreiner was born in 1968 in Nuremberg, Germany.

He studied English and history in Munich as well as Halle/Saale, Germany, and has taken classes in improv (with Keith Johnstone, Dennis Cahill, Derek Flores, Shawn Kinley, Steven Sim, Lee White, Becky Johnson, Jörg Schur, Christiane Ohngemach), singing and vocal improvisation (Mercedes Gollwitzer, Craig Bjerring, Naomi Isaacs) and musical conducting (Hans Klaffl, Gerd Guglhör).

Klaus has undertaken three great bicycle tours: from Germany to England, from Germany to Morocco and from Germany to Egypt.

In his life he has worked as a shop assistant, nurse in a psychiatric hospital, secondary school and college teacher (English, German, theatre, history), extra and improv actor. As well, he has performed in a cappella ensembles and led pop choirs.

Since 2003 Klaus has been working as an improv teacher with actors, singers, teachers, students and business people in Germany, Austria and England. He has functioned on several occasions as an interpreter of Keith Johnstone’s workshops.

"It was a great team building exercise. We were all encouraged to be positive about each others ideas, which made everyone feel secure." Lea Hills, youth leader Christ Church Chilwell (England)

"Seriously! He was ubber fab!" Ishi Khan-Jackson, events promoter Loughborough (England)

"The thing that Klaus taught me that I most liked was one simple concept: strive to make your fellow improvisers the star and not yourself. It is such a simple idea but it has continually influenced my approach to improv."
John O'Donnell, Munich


Klaus discovered stand up comedy only in 2011. He took a beginners workshop in Nottingham in October, played his first gig there in November, made it to the final of the “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” gong show in Derby in January and won the NCF’s “Brand New To Comedy Competition” in Nottingham in February 2012.
His material is an ironic take on being a German in England. Klaus is aware that the work of a stand up comedian can be a considerable contradiction to many of the things like truth and psychological depth he himself advocates in his improv workshops. He is prone to repeat it on his trips to the UK.