Workshops: Interaction, Inspiration, Emotion...

All workshops foster social skills, teamwork, positive thinking and storytelling skills. They are fun, highly motivational and encourage people to explore their own creativity. Klaus Peter Schreiner's students include improv actors, theatre groups, actors, singers, choirs, teachers, students and business people.

"Specific personal feedback, exercises that steadily increased in complexity and, a safe, fun environment helped me to build up a large repertoire of strategies and a new awareness." Brendan Curtis, Trent University Nottingham

"Klaus is very clear and inspires confidence. His workshops are fun and inspiring." Sarah Huebner, Bake This, Munich

Workshops in German

For Klaus Peter Schreiner's workshops in German please go to

Public workshops in English
Sometimes Klaus Peter Schreiner holds public workshops in English in Munich and England. The dates will be published here.

Workshops for your group/company/society

Find here descriptions of Klaus Peter Schreiner's most popular workshops. You can book them for your society, company, theatre group etc. For more info please click the pdf files (more info-pdf) or contact us.

Workshops for theatre groups/actors
Improvisation Techniques For The Stage more info-pdf (being in the moment, being there, applying status, teamwork, interaction, rhythm)

Workshops for improv groups/actors
Truthfulness In Improv more info-pdf (adding depth to scenes, using emotions, making the audience care), Short Form Storytelling (scenework, structuring scenes, developing stories), Interaction (inspiring your partner, applying status, connecting  ideas), Improv Basics (being in the moment, easy improv games, teamwork of ideas)

Workshops for improv groups/actors, actors, singers, choirs
Musical Improvisation (improvising songs with accompaniment and as a group, using the voice as an instrument)

Workshops for businesses
Corporate Improv (soft skills, teambuilding, cooperative communication, creative approaches)

Workshops for teachers
Improvisation And Creativity In The Classroom more info-pdf (creative games, body language, personal appearance and pedagogy of basic drama principles)

Workshops for school children/university students/youth clubs
Improvisation Theatre And Soft Skills more info-pdf (creative games, role plays, developing scenes, staging an improv show)

Workshops for school children/students
Creative German Conversation (fun games, discussions, role plays, improvisation, German songs)